Oct 27 2013

Iranian press highlights (BBC International Reports – Middle East)

Interview with Joelle Garriaud Maylam, French politician and member of the French Senate: « We Are Determined To Establish New Relations With Iran. » Maylam expresses hope that France’s relations with Iran are improving. She criticizes the policy of the government of Francois Hollande on supporting an attack on Syria and says that « France should not be even more American than the Americans, and on the Syrian issue, Hollande’s position is unforgivable for people like me. » On Iran’s nuclear issue, she says « the issue of peaceful technology is not the issue being debated, but what is needed is further transparency that has created these concerns as well as assurance from Iran that it will not pursue the path of a nuclear bomb. » Regarding whether positive developments in Europe will lead to solving the nuclear case, Maylam says: « I hope so. I would like to say that my expectations are higher in that France should take more serious steps ahead of the rest of Europe in solving the nuclear issue. »